About Us

We continually strive to be a great company. Sow The Seed Ministries is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Sow The Seed Ministries was founded in 2001.

Company Overview

This company was formed to assist the Christian market in spreading the Gospel and valuable thoughts through the written word and printed products.

CEO Message

My name is Marc McDougan. I am an ordained minister with a heart for the Lord. My personal goals are to spread the Gospel and preach God’s Word. The Lord has trained me to be obedient in His calling. He has called me to this service to help you in your self-publishing and printing needs. I have worked for large publishers and it seems the more they try to become focused on what God wants them to do, they are driven further away from the customer. I feel as servants, we must focus on the customer and their callings.

Mission Statement

Sow The Seed Ministries was formed on faith and will continue to grow on faith. Our mission is to sow a good seed through assisting Christians in publishing their work in a very efficient and affordable method.

Company Background

Only a Christian will understand the way this ministry was formed. FAITH. Sow The Seed Ministries was a dream in 1997 and now it is a reality. God continues to shower His blessings upon us and we give him all the praise and honor.