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Sow The Seed Ministries on-demand Self-Publishing: Overview We understand that what you have written may not be what a large publisher may want to publish but we agree with you that what you have to share is valuable to the Christian environment. All your hard work and insight can now be published. As a self-publishing author you can feel confident that your book will receive the attention it deserves by taking advantage of the comprehensive Sow The Seed Ministries on-demand publishing service. Here is a brief overview of what's in the publishing package you buy from Sow The Seed Ministries :

  • Cost-effective, global sales channels
  • On-Demand Production
  • You, the author control many key factors
  • Is this service expensive?

Cost-effective, global sales channels

Your book will be available through Sow The Seed Ministries Internet bookstore and can be ordered through local bookstores, fax, email or regular postal.

You can order more copies at wholesale rates for local bookstore sales and other distribution.


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On-Demand Production

Print-on-demand manufacturing means no investment for preprinted books, and no waste from unwanted or outdated books

Production quality is consistent with conventional publishing


Books are printed, bound and shipped within 72 hours, so your title is never ‘out-of-print’ or ‘back-ordered’


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You, the author control many key factors

You determine the book’s physical appearance, including page layout, cover style (from basic to full-color*), size and other characteristics

You can make changes and updates at any time with a minimal charge

 You retain full copyright and may end the agreement at any time

 You keep all rights for translations, foreign sales, movie rights and serialization, and for sales conducted personally or through trade publishers, wholesalers or distributors

 You set the retail price, including the royalty amount


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Is this service expensive?

Sow The Seed Ministries on-demand publishing service -- the practical, comprehensive service for the surprisingly affordable price of $350. Service renewal fee is $100 per year.

 Other Services available:

 Copy editing $3.41 per page

 Art design $65 per hour

 ISBN and barcode $125

 Copyright service $60